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British reporter befuddled by couple ‘having a hug’ on Rio beach (vid)


Live remote dispatches from television news reporters have a long and sordid history of going off the rails due to the antics, actions and behavior of bystanders. BBC journalist Dan Walker learned that lesson firsthand during a report from the Summer Olympics this week where the Rio’s spectacular sand and sea served as the backdrop.

Oh, and one more thing was in frame as Walker presented his report: A couple apparently having sex on the beach.

Perhaps the most amusing thing from the entire clip of awkward awesomeness is how Walker, in typical Brit fashion, attempts to rise about the salacious fray with his dignity intact by explaining away what exactly the evidently amorous couple were doing.

As opposed to more tawdry and intimate activities, Walker instead insisted they were “having a hug” or “reading a book … in a strange pose,” as The Sun notes.

Walker also tried to maintain control of the rapidly devolving situation by not allowing the cameraman to zoom in for a closer look-see.

The befuddled reporter later took to Twitter to clarify and reiterate exactly what was playing out behind him.

Good stuff. And nice try, too, Mr. Walker. But we all know what was really going on there. Right?

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