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Blake Bortles, Jags using Kate Upton, Beyonce for ho-huddle calls


Ever since Peyton Manning started getting noticed for yelling “Omaha!” as he surveyed NFL defenses, fans have become fascinated with the often-oddball terms quarterbacks use when making calls at the line of scrimmage. Blake Bortles recently revealed how the Jacksonville Jaguars have gotten into the odd-call game when the team runs its no-huddle offense.

But instead of shouting out the name of a Midwestern town, Bortles can be heard hollering names of female pop culture stars like Kate Upton, Beyonce and Selena Gomez.

While Bortles wouldn’t divulge exactly what each line call means when the team is operating out of offensive coordinator Greg Olson’s no-huddle offense, he did mention how it helps players adapt to a play change in an instant.

We’ve got all kinds of code words for no-huddle stuff,” Bortles said of the calls designed by offensive coordinator Greg Olson, via ESPN. “Whenever we installed the no-huddle last year, day five or six, there was a no-huddle list and there’s the plays and the terms that go with them. It’s kind of just word association.”

The Jaguars obviously aren’t the only NFL team incorporating unique line calls. Tom Brady has been known to yell “Rex Ryan!” at the line, not to mention once using the name of Patriots head coach Bill Belichick’s longtime girlfriend as a play call.

But Bortles seems to have really taken to the new play-call wrinkle.

“I love it,” Bortles said. “I think we’re really good at doing no-huddle. I think the guys enjoy it. I think it allows us to get going and tire the defense out and kind of simplify things. Guys are on top of it and smart with all the terms, I think, so I think it’s going to be something that’ll help us out.”

It merits noting that the Jaguars don’t only use the names of female pop stars and supermodels for their line calls. Other names incorporated include Floyd Mayweather, Yao Ming, Muhammad Ali and Bruce Springsteen.

But Bortles’ favorite? That’s an easy one to answer.

“Selena Gomez is No. 1,” Bortles said.

But he wasn’t about to tell anyone what it means.