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Michigan’s Jake Butt fine with surname making him the butt of jokes

Jake Butt insists he doesn’t mind that his surname often makes him the butt of jokes. In fact, instead of trying to avoid it, he has a starkly different approach:

Bring it on. There’s not a taunt, wisecrack or snarky comment he hasn’t heard.

Butt has become so used to it over the years that the Michigan Wolverines tight end — get it? — actually welcomes the kidding and ribbing he receives due to a last name that essentially begs for comedic commentary.

“I love it so much,” Butt said, via ESPN’s Brian Bennett. “I think that’s one of my greatest traits. It has really allowed me to grow my platform and build my brand.”

It’s hardly surprising to learn Butt’s last name has been the source of sophomoric teasing and the like his entire life. But instead of allowing it to become a negative — as he mentions in the above comment — he has turned it into positive, even making his Twitter handle, @JBooty_88.

Butt even became comedic fodder on the late night talk show circuit, with Jimmy Fallon cracking wise about his last name on “The Tonight Show.”

Butt can thank his family for his ability to rise above the potential for his surname becoming something of an embarrassment. And he can thank his father, Rob, for the capacity to be cavalier about the inherent humor of it all.

“We taught our kids at an early age to just have fun with it,” Rob Butt said. “The whole family, we just enjoy the silliness of it.”

And Rob Butt means it. After all, he routinely rocks customized Wolverines jerseys that read either “Head Butt” or “Papa Butt.” Other family members sport similar jerseys, ones that read “I Like Big Butt” and “Nice Butt,” among other butt-themed monikers.

Suffice to say, Butt — an incredibly talented senior with an unquestionable future in the NFL — has no issues whatsoever with people making fun of his surname. Bring it on, he says. No ifs, ands or … well, you know.