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Jets superfan Larry David pays visit to team’s training camp (vids)


Larry David’s New York Jets fandom has been a source of some “prettay good” lighthearted NFL talk in recent weeks, so it was perfectly fitting that the legendary funnyman paid a visit to the team’s training camp on Wednesday.

Not only did the co-creator of “Seinfeld” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm” presumably take in some practice action, he also took a few minutes to field some questions on social media, footage of which was posted by the Jets official Twitter account.

David recently opined he believed Ryan Fitzpatrick should shave his unkempt beard, so it’s not surprising he was asked about it, especially given the Jets signal-caller did in fact give his wild facial hair a much-needed trimming.

David mentions in his response that he had not yet seen Fitz’s new look, but he was happy to take credit for it.

It’s actually quite appropriate for David to pat himself on the back for Fitzpatrick’s new look, as the quarterback himself said he would take David’s advice into consideration.

Another question David fielded revolved around his insistence he would be a fantastic NFL offensive coordinator, something he’s proclaimed on more than one occasion.

The Boise State Statue of Liberty play, eh? It’s certainly a unique call, that’s for sure. Whether it would actually work, however, is another story.

Then again, what else should we expect out of Larry David? The only thing the video of his response needed was the “Curb” theme music. That would have been … well, you know.