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Mets, Marlins get in Twitter beef over injured player potshots


A snarky New York Mets fans managed to somehow ignite a contentious, albeit brief, Twitter feud between his favorite MLB team and the Miami Marlins.

Perhaps what made the entire so strange is that the teams weren’t even squaring off on Tuesday night when the Twitter spat got started.

Here’s how it played out. Said Mets fan reached out to the Marlins official Twitter account in a thread to request a GIF of Giancarlo Stanton, who put the team’s season into a spiral after suffering a groin strain that ended his season.

The folks operating the Marlins account, arguably unwisely, engaged the Twitter taunter, responding with a similarly themed potshot about Mets star David Wright, who, like Stanton, is expected to be lost for the season after undergoing surgery in June for a herniated disc in his neck.

This prompted the Mets official Twitter account to get involved, indicating this social media back and forth had all the makings of being on like Donkey Kong.

Cooler heads thankfully ultimately prevailed, as the previously smack-talking individual or individuals running the Marlins Twitter account on Tuesday night attempted to deescalate the situation.

The gesture of goodwill was greeted with enthusiasm by the Mets, as a tweet was offered of Noah Syndergaard giving a thumbs up.

Whew. That came really close to a knock-down, drag-out Twitter war. But some well-timed GIFs and kind words took things down a notch.