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New ‘Rally Mantis’ appears in Royals dugout after death of previous one (pic)


As the baseball world continues to mourn the untimely death of a Kansas City Royals good luck charm, the so-called “Rally Mantis,” last weekend, another insect talisman has emerged to take its place.

The original “Praying Mantis” perished in Minnesota days ago — despite the top-notch care Royals players were providing — but during Monday’s game against the Detroit Tigers in Comerica Park.

There were some frantic moments as Royals players attempted to secure the inspirational insect, a tense and arduous process that was extensively covered on Twitter.

The extreme care and caution exercised to corral the insect certainly demonstrates just how seriously Royals players take the surprising re-emergence of another “Rally Mantis,” to say the least. It’s hardly surprising, especially given how the Royals went 5-1 in the six games the original incarnation was in their possession.

Let’s hope the second coming of the “Rally Mantis” can stick around a bit longer and doesn’t suffer the same short-lived fate of the previous one.

With Rally Mantis the First having shuffled off this mortal coil, let us proclaim: Long live Rally Mantis II!

And for what it’s worth, the Royals, with Rally Mantis II in the dugout, went on to beat the Tigers by a score of 3-1. And then there’s this:


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