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James Harrison sarcastically reacts to random drug test on Tuesday (vid)


Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison apparently received a random drug test from the NFL on Tuesday, and he couldn’t help but sarcastically react to the arguably coincidental timing of it.

“Surprise, surprise, your boy got a random PED test today,” Harrison says in a Facebook Live video posted Tuesday morning, repeating the word “random” on several occasions.

Harrison seemingly is making the case by posting the video that the NFL is targeting him. This comes on the heels of a report Monday indicating the league intends to suspend Harrison and Green Bay Packers defensive standouts Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers — along with former Packer Mike Neal — if they refuse to cooperate with the NFL’s investigation into PED use alleged in an Al-Jazeera America report from last year.

Peyton Manning, since retired, was also named in the report, but he was cleared by the NFL earlier this summer.

The players have until Aug. 25 to comply with the NFL’s request for interviews.

Harrison has been the most vocal of the players in proclaiming his innocence, not to mention the most active in questioning the NFL for its pursuit of the investigation. He earlier this summer provided the NFL with an affidavit in which he denies any PED use. He also seemed to mock the league by indicating he’d only agree to an interview with the NFL if it took place at his home.

Given the video he posted Tuesday morning, it’s plainly evident that Harrison feels he’s being targeted and isn’t ready to give up without a fight just yet.