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Aussie swimmer ‘almost vomited’ after crossing paths with Kevin Durant


Australian swimmer Kyle Chalmers claims he “almost vomited” after crossing paths with one of his biggest sports idols, Kevin Durant.

Chalmers, who swam at a 47.58-second clip in the 100m freestyle final to win a gold medal, admits he was absolutely stupefied and stunned after Durant walked past him before a race in Rio. So much so, in fact, things almost got real ugly real quick.

“Last night I was walking over to my semi-finals and Kevin Durant walked in front of me,” Chalmers recalled of his brush with greatness, via The Sydney Morning Herald. “To be honest with you I almost vomited.┬áMy jaw dropped. I was that excited and nervous.

“It was just amazing for me.”

Chalmers’ nearly visceral reaction to simply crossing paths with Durant can be readily explained by just how much of a fan he is of the NBA superstar. He has a ritual before every race where he watches Durant’s 2014 NBA MVP speech to get him motivated.

“I watch Kevin Durant’s MVP speech before every single race and I watch a highlights video of him,” he said.

But the swimmer was on the receiving end of a huge surprise in Rio thanks to a compilation video put together by Australian swimming team officials.

Instead of a footage of Durant’s exploits on the court, the video featured the man himself wishing Chalmers good luck.

“Our team manager actually grabbed him last night and got a video of him saying he watched me swim and good luck which was really exciting,” Chalmers said. “They actually had to show it to me this morning because they knew I wouldn’t be able to focus if I saw it tonight before my race – I’m a big fan.”

That much is clear. But even a good luck video from his idol wasn’t as great as being in the mere presence of Durant.

“The video was exciting,” he said. “But it didn’t quite stack up to the real thing.”

Given his reaction, that much is clear.

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