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Alex Rodriguez viciously booed by Red Sox fans at Fenway (vid)


The Boston Red Sox faithful at Fenway Park pleaded for an appearance by their “favorite” New York Yankees villain during Tuesday night’s game, chanting, “We want A-Rod!”

Well, BoSox backers in attendance got their wish during Wednesday night’s game when Alex Rodriguez made a pinch-hit appearance during the seventh inning.

And to no surprise, the motivation for Boston fans to get one more crack at seeing A-Rod take an at-bat before he plays in his presumably final MLB game on Friday was so they could viciously boo him.

And a view from the seats:

Rodriguez harmlessly flew out to right field in the at-bat, but the Yankees nevertheless went on to win by a score of 9-4.

Here’s what A-Rod had to say ahead of Wednesday’s game, showing that he was fully aware why Red Sox fans wanted him to make an appearance in the series.

“It’s a great chance to give me one great, loud boo on the way out and send me to Miami,” he said, via USA Today. “The one thing is, I love Boston. It’s a great city. I love Fenway Park. I started here. My mother and brother and sister were here. I want my girls to go to college somewhere in Boston; I’m not going to say where. But somewhere in Boston.”

Rodriguez went on to say that the enmity between the Yankees and Red Sox makes it “the greatest rivalry in sports.” He added that when he walks the streets of Boston, fans “show me a lot of love and a lot of respect.”

Despite Yankees skipper Joe Girardi’s questionable handling of A-Rod’s swan song — not to mention his baffling defense of it — it appears Rodriguez will be in the starting lineup for Thursday’s series finale.

The stage for A-Rod’s Boston swan song has been set, so expect even more vociferous booing whenever A-Rod steps up to the plate. Given Thursday apparently will be their last chance, Red Sox fans undoubtedly will give A-Rod a proper Fenway farewell and let him have it.