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Red Sox fans chant ‘We want A-Rod’ at Fenway Park (vids)


Boston Red Sox fans made it loud and clear that they wanted to see the soon-to-be retired Alex Rodriguez during the New York Yankees’ three-game visit this week to Fenway Park. The fact that A-Rod was relegated to bench duty during Tuesday’s game left them chanting for him to make an appearance.

The passionate Fenway crowd could be heard loudly chanting “We want A-Rod!”  during the ninth inning of the Red Sox’s 5-3 victory.

Given A-Rod’s career dwindled to only four games heading into Tuesday’s game, Yankees skipper Joe Girardi attempted to explain why he left the retiring slugger on the bench while also reacting to the “We want A-Rod” chant.

“It’s part of it,” manager Joe Girardi said of the crowd’s reaction, via Dan Martin of the New York Post. “I’m sure I’m going to hear it, but I’ve got to do what I think is best. … I know he wants to play. Who wouldn’t?”

Rodriguez, meanwhile, was at a loss as to why he didn’t play — and apparently won’t start Wednesday, either — especially given how he was evidently informed he would play in all four games this week since Sunday’s announcement.

“I’m disappointed,” Rodriguez told reporters before Tuesday’s game. “When I heard him say I can actually play in all four games, I was really excited to get some at-bats. I don’t know what happened.”

It’s no secret that Red Sox fans have little love for Rodriguez, obviously due to his integral and sometimes-controversial role in the intense and often bitter rivalry with the Yankees. In fact, he may be one of the most-hated Yankees of recent memory.

The Red Sox aren’t planning on any formal farewell ceremony for Rodriguez before he departs Boston for the last time. With that in mind, it’s safe to say that the Fenway faithful didn’t want to see A-Rod make an appearance so they could pay their proper respects.

In fact, the motivation for the chant likely was inspired by just the opposite.