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J.R. Smith got married to Jewel Harris on Monday


J.R. Smith’s whirlwind offseason after winning the NBA title with the Cleveland Cavaliers continued earlier this week when he married longtime girlfriend Jewel Harris in a ceremony held near his childhood home in New Jersey.

Several members of the Cavaliers organization, – including general manager David Griffin and Tristan Thompson — were on hand for the ceremony. LeBron James could not make it, however, as he is on vacation in Italy.

In an interesting profile of Smith on the NBPA’s official site published earlier this week, Smith discussed how his relationship with Harris, the mother of his two daughters, evolved over the past year.

“Ever since I got back with my wife, Jewel, last year and proposed to her in August, things started going uphill slowly but surely,” Smith writes. “Before I was doing so much thinking; now it’s just reacting. So it’s just taking stuff as things come and realizing what’s more important between her and my girls, Demi and Peyton, as opposed to everything else.”

Smith hinted at the impending Monday nuptials in a tweet posted Sunday.

The ceremony hopefully was one of the few times Smith has managed to keep his shirt on for an entire event since the Cavs’ thrilling comeback from 3-1 down to the Golden State Warriors to win the championship. And let’s hope Smith’s “Shirtless Torso Shirts” weren’t donned by the groomsmen. Actually, that would have been pretty cool.

Either way, it’s certainly been a summer of rings for Smith, that’s for sure.