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Red Sox deem David Ortiz bobbleheads ‘unacceptable,’ cancel giveaway


The Boston Red Sox were scheduled to hold a David Ortiz bobblehead giveaway on Tuesday night. But the team has announced the event has been canceled over the “unacceptable” appearance of said bobbleheads.

The Red Sox took to Twitter on Tuesday afternoon to provide the reasons behind the giveaway’s cancellation.

The Boston Globe’s Pete Abraham later took to Twitter to provide photographic evidence of the Big Papi bobblehead the Red Sox deemed unacceptable.

The case can be made that the bobblehead isn’t the best representation of Ortiz, but that’s often the case with these figurines anyway.

But another image of the bobblehead, however, definitively provides some evidence of what the Red Sox may have found unacceptable.

Oof. That’s really, really, really bad.

In any event, it’s an extremely strange development, especially given it’s coming on the same day as the scheduled giveaway.

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