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McKayla Maroney relieved Michael Phelps seized Olympic meme mantle


McKayla Maroney became the indisputable champion of Olympic memes when her “Not Impressed” expression on the medal podium at the 2010 Summer Olympics in London launched a million memes on the Internet (see here).

Suffice to say, the former U.S. gymnast now is quite relieved that Michael Phelps and his sinister death stare has spawned a Olympics meme craze unseen since Maroney’s infamous smirk.

Not surprisingly, Internet wiseacres had a field day with the magnificent image.

The 20-year-old Maroney took some time to chat with TMZ about Phelps seizing the mantle of Olympic Meme Gold Medalist, saying she now finally understands why her “Not Impressed” meme was so amusing, as it’s easier to laugh when everyone is not laughing at you.

“I now see why people thought (the memes were) so funny,” Maroney said.

The former gymnast admitted she’s incredibly grateful that her “Not Impressed” may become a thing of the past.

“Somebody tweeted like, ‘McKayla looks like somebody took your spot,'” she said. “… and I looked at his pictures and was like YES! Go Michael, take it away please!”

Perhaps Maroney’s “Not Impressed” meme — much to her understandable relief — finally will recede into the annals of Olympics meme history … if there even is such a thing. If there is, at least Maroney can enjoy the company of Mo Farrah.

But it cannot be understated: It was one great run for Maroney while it lasted. At least for the rest of us.