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Ryan Fitzpatrick says interception in practice led to buzz cut


Ryan Fitzpatrick finally quieted all the speculation surrounding his now-famous buzz cut, revealing that the wild hairdo he wore into training camp was sheared off after he lost a bet Tuesday with New York Jets defensive players.

“My hair was just stupid,” Fitzpatrick said on WFAN this week, via ESPN. “I needed to cut it. I was going to cut it anyway. It was a nice little spoof. I told the defense, I went up to Rontez Miles and a few of the guys and said, ‘The next person that picks me off gets to give me a fresh summer ‘do.'”

Stupid, indeed.

Fitzpatrick, who is still knocking off rust after a protracted contract negotiation, was among the players on offense who struggled on Tuesday. Before long, Fitzpatrick was intercepted by rookie cornerback Juston Burris.

Being perfectly honest, Fitzpatrick admits the pick came with a bittersweet sense of relief .

“I threw it to a rookie, too, which was awful, like a double whammy,” Fitzpatrick said with a laugh. “But it was one of those things [where] it got picked off, and I actually was kind of smiling about it, because I finally got to cut that thing off the top of my head.”

Burris, a fourth-round pick, claims he was a bit leery about giving the team’s starting quarterback a haircut.

“We talked about it and we laughed about it,” Burris told The Associated Press, via the New York Post’s Brian Costello. “I honestly didn’t think it really was going to happen, but they called me up in the team meeting [that night] and said I could do it.”

Burris’ barbering skills apparently were lacking, as Fitzpatrick added he needed a clean-up afterward.

But the results?

Much better.