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Odell Beckham Jr. says feud with Josh Norman overblown by media


Despite all evidence indicating otherwise, Odell Beckham Jr. insists that the perceived feud between himself and Josh Norman has been entirely overblown by the media.

“It’s just too much,” Beckham said during an appearance this week on WFAN’s Boomer & Carton, as transcribed by’s Dan Duggan. “It’s caused by a lot of links that like to get clicked on, a lot of misquotations. It’s not really anything like that.”

It was believed that Norman joining the Washington Redskins during the offseason would only add fuel to a fire that ignited during the infamous and ugly on-field incidents that occurred during a December showdown last season between Washington and Norman’s former team, the Carolina Panthers.

But Beckham insists that’s not the case. Instead, he claims he attempted to arrange a meeting with Norman during the offseason through mutual friend Maverick Carter, LeBron James’ business manager.

“We were trying to meet up and have a face-to-face,” Beckham said. “We just were in different places at the wrong time. Just because it’s gone from here to way over that way and it doesn’t really need to. There’s way bigger problems going on in this world.”

That may in fact be the case, but Beckham’s comments now about the feud stand in stark contrast to past rhetoric, which included him seemingly trolling Norman on Twitter. The two have also gone back and forth on social media on several occasions, including when they traded barbs after Norman took a potshot at Beckham during an appearance on ESPN.

Beckham, though, was tight-lipped about Norman joining the Redskinswhen it was announced. Norman, on the other hand, said he was excited over the prospect of lining up against Beckham twice a season.

Beckham, meanwhile, recently implied during an interview with GQ magazine that Norman signed with the Redskins to stay relevant.

Suffice to say, Beckham can say all he wants about his feud with Norman being overblown by the media. The fact remains that he has done more than his part in fanning the flames. And he continues to do so all these months later.