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Indiana teacher creates ‘No Kevin Durant Zone’ in classroom (pic)


A first-year ninth-grade teacher in Indianapolis, Ind., has turned his heartbreak over Kevin Durant leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder into what he believes is a novel way to teach his students a lesson.

Tucker Hein, a University of Oklahoma graduate, clearly took it personally when Durant decided to bolt from Oklahoma City to join the Golden State Warriors. The disappointment inspired him to create a “No KD Zone” in his classroom.

Messages contained in the “zone” include, “You will not take the easy way out” and “You will not walk away from a challenge,” crystal-clear potshots akin to the kind of criticism directed at Durant once he announced his free agency decision last month.

Via a report from “Oklahoma’s Own” News 9’s Kelly Ogle:

He says he was wanting something to remind his students to work hard, and he came up with the KD bulletin board idea the day before school started.

He told me he wondered if people would think it was stupid, and never dreamed it would get so much attention, or he would have made it look nicer.

Hein says when his students saw it, they got into a big debate about Durant leaving the Thunder, and that his boss, the school principal, cracked up when he saw it.

Hein apparently was preparing for an interview with ESPN prior to the News 9 segment, so expect his unique motivational methods to get a lot more coverage in the coming days.

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