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Ejected Phillies fan comes forward, gives his side of the story


A Philadelphia Phillies fan whose conduct caused home plate umpire Bob Davidson to halt Tuesday’s game at Citizens Bank Park to eject him has come forward to defend himself.

Jeremy Lichterman, a 43-year-old man from Delaware, insists he wasn’t drunk, as was assumed, and insists his behavior didn’t warrant an ejection, much less the national attention the incident has garnered (video of the incident here).

Davidson in his postgame comments suggested that the now-identified Lichterman was drunk and made a homophobic comment  and that it was necessary to “throw him out.” The comment that apparently prompted Davidson to stop the game is believed to be: “I own property on 69th Street. You can come over and suck.”

Lichterman came forward and identified himself in an interview with the Philly Voice. He insists Davidson erred in interpreting both the nature and substance of his heckling.

“I was heckling the Giants’ players, the guys that were warming up on deck,” Lichterman said. “I was saying, ‘You suck,’ to guys in the on-deck circle. I saw they had one guy who had a horrible haircut, so I told him I had a good barber on 69th Street that could cut your hair. That was basically it.”

Lichterman insists he wasn’t given any warning before being approached by security. He says he felt it best to leave on his own instead of causing a bigger scene.

“I figured to nip in the butt, no big deal,” he said. “I left, because I didn’t want to create any more of a disturbance here. It’s embarrassing because of how this thing blew up.”

Lichterman added that his wife is “mortified” about the situation. He also said he apologized and stopped heckling once a man with two children sitting in front him asked him to tone it down.

“The last thing I meant to do was offend anyone,” he said. “What amazes me is how much of a big deal this is. Think about it. I went to a baseball game and yelled, ‘You suck.’ I think there’s been more offensive things done before.”

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