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Breaking news: Ryan Fitzpatrick got a haircut (pic)


After showing up after finally signing a one-year deal with the New York Jets following a protracted contract stalemate, Ryan Fitzpatrick looked like the second coming of “Game of Thrones” character Tormund Giantsbane.

While as much talk surrounded his hairstyle — complimented of course by his patented burly beard — than how he can contribute to the Jets’ success in the coming season, the out-of-control hairdo was short-lived.

That’s right, folks. Fitzpatrick has gotten himself a haircut. A pretty substantial haircut at that.

The photo is from a bit of a distance, but it’s plainly evident Fitzpatrick has been thoroughly sheared.

It’s perhaps no coincidence that Fitzpatrick and the Jets offense suffered through an awful practice session on Tuesday.

Then again, Fitzpatrick previously provided an interesting reason — when being asked repeatedly about his Wildling-like ‘do — why he his hair had taken on such a ragged appearance.

Now that Fitzpatrick has signed his one-year fully guaranteed $12 million contract, what was the point of resembling a member of the Free Folk, anyway?