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Two golfers duke it out on 18th hole at Colorado course (vid)


Baseball frequently is criticized for having an overwrought set of unwritten rules, but golf similarly features a relatively unspoken code of ethics, if you will. And a lot of times, the safety of every golfer on the course is the prevailing reason to hold these unwritten rules dear.

As any weekend warrior or weekday hacker can attest, there is nothing more frustrating than having a group hit into your foursome. Sometimes, it’s simply the case of a guy getting a hold of a shot and hitting it way farther than he intended. And oftentimes, it includes a ball harmlessly rolling up into your proximity.

Other times, there seems to be a prevailing sense of passive aggression involved when someone hits into your group. Perhaps the group behind you feels you and your pals are playing too slowly and want to send a message.

And then there’s what occurred at Fossil Trace Golf Club in Colorado, when a golfer supposedly hit into the 18th green while another group was still on it. When incidents such as these happen — and they do — unfriendly words are typically exchanged, perhaps a halfhearted or sincere apology is made and that’s that.

But that didn’t happen on this occasion, as one of the aggrieved individuals on the green confronted the offending party. And that set off a rather uninspired bout of fisticuffs.

Footage of the brouhaha was posted to Instagram by Justin Adams. He writes:

Went out to my favorite course with Kevin on my last day in CO and witnessed some absolutely ridiculous #fightclub on the 18th hole after someone hit right into the group on the green. Who says white ppl don’t brawl? #golffight #denver #neverlayup #whitemalematurity #fossiltracegolfclub

And here’s the video of the brawl, which features only one really nice landed punch. Perhaps strangest of all? The two share a handshake after the dust-up.

WARNING: Some audible colorful language can be heard during the video. Viewer discretion is advised.

A video posted by Justin Abrams (@jabrams77) on

Seriously, what’s the point of going mano-a-mano if the two pugilists are simply going to shake hands afterward? It’s like something that used to play out between two goons following a brawl during an NHL game.

All in all, it was a pretty nondescript fight. But the location of said fisticuffs is what made it so interesting. Although this isn’t the first time footage has been captured of a golf course brawl. And it certainly won’t be the last, either.

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