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AHL’s Milwaukee Admirals unveil hockey-playing Trump, Clinton bobbleheads (pic)


With both the Republican and Democratic national conventions now in the rear-view mirror, the U.S. finds itself in the thick of a presidential race that is sure to be a bitter, contentious handful of months heading into Election Day in November.

At least there is a minor league hockey team trying to inject some much-needed levity into the situation.

The American Hockey League’s Milwaukee Admirals, an affiliate of the Nashville Predators, recently unveiled bobbleheads of the presidential nominees of the two major parties, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Little is known at this time regarding the exact nature of the promotion, but the tweet seems to indicate that fans will be allowed to cast their vote for one bobblehead or the other. CBS Sports’ Chris Peters suggests that fans might be able to select which bobblehead they want during the giveaway.

In other words, expect Admirals fans to either decide to “Make Bobbleheads Great Again” or vow to “Bobblehead Together.” Or something.

In any event, the bobbleheads are remarkable in how they so closely resemble their subjects. A pretty nice piece of memorabilia regardless of which bobblehead comes out on top, as it were.