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Study finds correlation between babies named Shea and Mets’ success


A study by The Wall Street Journal has found a correlation between babies being named Shea in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut area over the past 40-plus years and the success enjoyed on the field by the Mets.

The inference is of course that Mets fans named their child after the stadium that the team called home from 1964-2008. Interestingly, the Journal’s research found the first mention of an infant being named Shea occurred in 1970, one year after the “Miracle Mets” won the World Series.

It merits noting, as Big League Stew notes, that not every baby named Shea in the region may be in tribute to the Mets. The New York Jets, after all, also called Shea home as well for 20 years, from 1964 through 1983.

The results of the study, in graphical form.

To add context to the story, it’s worth noting New York Mets superstar David Wright’s wife Molly gave birth to a baby girl over the weekend, which the couple named Olivia Shea Wright. It’s obviously been assumed that the choice of middle name had something to do with the Mets’ old ballpark.

Suffice to say, odds are good that even if the Mets do win the World Series this fall, there won’t be an incredible influx of babies being named “Citi” in the near future. Or maybe there will.