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Oof: Russell Wilson is ‘Armed and Dangeruss’ in cheesy poster (pic)


Russell Wilson is the star of a new poster that hearkens back to the themed athlete posters of yesteryear. And suffice to say, given the abject cheesiness of that era — which had a heyday in the late 1980s/early 1990s as produced by the Costacos Brothers — has made a lame quantum leap into the Seattle Seahawks signal caller’s latest piece of promotional fare.

To wit:

Oof. Hey, Russell Wilson: Brian Bosworth called, he wants his bit back.


With all due respect to Darren Rovell — or not — the fact alone that he touts the poster as “cool” makes a practically open-and-shut case against his assertion.

As noted by UPROXX Sports, here’s what the “ammo” boxes apparently contain:

  • 1st Down Balls
  • Red Zone Specials
  • 50-Yard Bombs
  • Flaming Bombs(?!?!)
  • Needle Threaders
  • OT Game-Enders
  • And finally… MAGIC RUSS’ BAG OF TRICKS


But to be fair to both Wilson and the Costacos Brothers, proceeds from the sale of the posters go to charity.

All of the proceeds from the sale of this poster will benefit the Why Not You Foundation. The foundation has the goal of creating real and lasting change in the world by motivating, empowering and preparing today’s youth to be tomorrow’s leaders. With your support, we can broaden the reach of the foundation.

Well, that’s … something. Perhaps even enough to justify creating a retread poster that celebrates a far cheesier time in sports memorabilia history.