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Jets players barred from discussing Ryan Fitzpatrick situation


With the contract stalemate between Ryan Fitzpatrick and the New York Jets becoming more dire and dysfunctional by the day, players not surprisingly are being inundated with questions about the protracted drama.

But don’t expect it to last for long, as Jets running back Matt Forte indicated that players have been instructed not to discuss anything related to the Fitzpatrick drama.

“All questions about Ryan are for coach [Todd] Bowles,” he said, via’s Darryl Slater.

Forte then gestured to the Jets facility, likely in reference to the team’s PR staff, before saying, “They told me to tell y’all that. Everybody knows who ‘they’ are.”

Before all Fitzpatrick-related talk was banned, veteran offensive lineman Nick Mangold confirmed to reporters that he spoke with the free agent quarterback, a good friend, on Tuesday. He claims he didn’t talk business with Fitzpatrick, adding he has no inclination to discuss it with his friend.

Mangold went on to say he has little interest in sussing out the details of any contract negotiations. This led him to make a bizarre reference to the corpse flower, a plant notorious for its stench during blooming.

“What’s it going to matter?” he said. “Listen, curiosity is going to get you over to that plant in the Bronx [at the New York Botanical Garden] and smell that terrible smell. Yeah, the corpse flower. Curiosity is going to get you to smell something. Some people want to smell something bad. Some people want to find out different mindsets. I don’t particularly care.

Mangold added that he hopes things get worked out between Fitzpatrick and the Jets but said since he has no control over it, he doesn’t worry about it.

With Jets training camp in full swing — the first team practice will be held Thursday — and no sign of Fitzpatrick and the team being anywhere close to resolving the contract impasse, expect chatter to continue on into August.

Just don’t expect to hear any of said chatter coming out of the mouths of Jets players, apparently.