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John Daly looked like Statue of Liberty’s pimp at Champions Dinner (pic)


John Daly won the PGA Championship all the way back in 2001, meaning he was an invited attendee at the annual Champions Dinner on Tuesday night. And the 50-year-old, known for both his outrageous on-the-course wardrobe choices and offbeat demeanor — didn’t disappoint with how he got himself gussied up for the gala.

Daly rocked an über-patriotic getup for the event, a look that only looked more absurd due to how it ridiculously juxtaposes with the much more reserved attire of one Davis Love III.

Courtesy of a tweet from Rock Bottom Golf, Daly’s clothing sponsor.

Sweet sassy molassey. That Stars & Stripes blazer screams America. Or makes an undignified plea for mercy. One of the two.

Some might be shocked Daly would wear such an outfit, but given Daly’s getup at The Open Championship a few weeks ago, nothing he wears should be surprising at this point.

Daly took to Twitter later to post a group photo of past PGA Championship winners, jokingly pointing out how it might be difficult to pick him out of the crowd.

Keep on letting your freak flag fly, Mr. John Daly. And of course all credit for the “Statue of Liberty’s pimp” line goes to “Family Guy.”

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