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Dad surprises Little Leaguer son after pretending to forget his birthday (vid)


A tremendously heartwarming video has gone viral that shows how a dad more than came through in the clutch after pretending to forget his Little Leaguer son’s birthday.

Posted to Twitter on Saturday, the video shows the clearly dejected boy — who appears to be a player for the Taney Dragons, which is the same team Mo’ne Davis led to the Little League World Series, as noted by the New York Post — climbing into the family van.

After the stage is set for a big surprise, the dad tells his son to go check in the trunk. And what does the youngster find? A brand new bat.

The great gift — not to mention the realization and subsequent relief on the boy’s behalf that his dad didn’t actually forget his birthday — gives rise to an incredibly emotional scene.

“Happy birthday. I didn’t forget about you,” the father tells his son. “I want to see some home runs.”

The young ballplayer becomes overcome with emotion and is brought to tears before falling into his dad’s arms for a heartwarming hug.

“Don’t cry,” the father says about his son’s reaction. “You’re about to make me cry.”

Countless viewers on social media have since admitted that a similar emotional response was evoked in them simply by witnessing the scene on video. Great stuff.