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Dodgers’ Joc Pederson suffers from serious case of bed head (pic)


With a getaway day game scheduled for Thursday against the host Washington Nationals at 12:05 local time, the Los Angeles Dodgers were forced into a quick turnaround after playing a night game Wednesday, with players having to show up at the ballpark pretty early. Perhaps too early for some of them.

Dodgers center fielder Joc Pederson is a young pup at the spry age of 24. And he’s apparently not accustomed to rising so early to make it to the ballpark by 6:00 a.m., especially after a night game. Or at least that can be reasonably surmised by simply taking a look at the horrible case of bed head from which Pederson is suffering.

Dodgers teammate Adrian Gonzalez was kind enough to share Pederson’s garish, unkempt ‘do to the masses on social media.

Sweet Fancy Moses! And we might as well throw in a Sweet Sassy Molassey in there for good measure. It looks like Pederson barely had time before bolting out the door to take those curlers out women used to wear overnight.

But let’s be fair to Pederson. As far as outrageous hairdos making appearances on social media this week, the Dodgers outfielder has got nothing on Jeremy Lin. That’s something.

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