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Adrian Peterson using unorthodox methods to deal with fumbling issues

Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson is unquestionably one of the most dominant running backs to ever play in the NFL. But that does not mean there isn’t some shortcomings to his overall game, one of those being an issue with fumbles.

As he has done every offseason, the Minnesota Vikings running back is putting forth the effort to improve as an all-around back. But this time around, Peterson is using rather unorthodox methods to address his fumbling issues.

James Cooper, a partner of Peterson’s in O Athletik, a health club in Houston, has been working with Peterson this offseason to help the running back focus on holding onto the football as defenders furiously try to pound it out.

The two are attempting to find success via a workout that sounds incredibly strenuous and challenging.

As Peterson struggles moving forward with 430 pounds of resistance attached to him by a cable, Cooper, in boxing gloves, takes repeated, heavy shots at the football cradled in Peterson’s arms.

“If this doesn’t get it out,” Cooper says during the workout, via ESPN’s Ben Goessling. “I don’t know what to tell you.”

On this day, despite a series of heavy blows, Cooper is unable to dislodge the ball.
“[The punches are] more of an instinctual trigger than a hit,” Peterson said. “It’s kind of like going through that front line, where you’ve got arms coming, you’ve got legs coming. It really makes you clench on it even more and keep it tight.”Peterson’s issues with fumbles have been well-documented. Since the 2007 season, including the 2014 campaign during which he only appeared in one game, Peterson has fumbled 33 times and lost 20 of them.But perhaps worst of all, Peterson’s fumbles have often come at the worst possible times, including critical turnovers in the postseason. Peterson played part in three fumbles in the NFC Championship Game following the 2009 season against the New Orleans Saints, which the Vikings lost in overtime.Another occasion came just last season in a divisional playoff match-up against the Seattle Seahawks, a game that ended up in a heartbreaking 10-9 loss.Peterson gave credit to Seahawks defenders on that play. But he knows it’s up to him to correct the issue. And with a flurry of punches while dragging hundreds of pounds behind him, perhaps it will work this time around.