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Vandal breaks street-level window at Vikings’ U.S. Bank Stadium (pic)


A currently unidentified vandal broke a street-level window at the new U.S. Bank Stadium, only two days before the official grand opening of the Minnesota Vikings $1 billion-plus pro football mecca.

The damage caused by the rock left an opening in the window large enough for a person to crawl through, but a shield is installed behind the lower-level rows of windows which would have prevented any attempted entry.

When reached for comment about the damage, an an MSFA spokeswoman told the Star Tribune, “We have a broken window.”

But a source close to the stadium construction told the Minneapolis paper that the perpetrator picked up a rock and threw it at the window.

“They got it on the security camera,” the source said.

The report doesn’t mention or go into detail if any suspects will be pursued via the security cam footage, but workers already were busy repairing the damage.

The official U.S. Bank Stadium grand opening will be highlighted by a ribbon-cutting ceremony Friday with the public being offered a chance to tour the building beginning Saturday.

There have been a few hiccups leading up to the grand opening, highlighted by a recent summer storm loosening several zinc panels on the stadium’s exterior as well as the announcement of an environmental impact study related to the stadium’s effects on bird migration.

But it looks like despite the vandal’s best efforts, the pomp and circumstance will go on as scheduled.