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Roger Goodell again reaches out to Annie Apple, this time on Twitter


Roger Goodell may suffer from something of a public image issue, but he clearly has one person on his side: Annie Apple, budding NFL-related media darling and mother to New York Giants rookie cornerback Eli Apple.

The NFL commissioner, hardly a prolific user of social media, took to Twitter Tuesday to react to a tweet from Annie Apple in which she referred to him as “personable & hilarious.”

The chance meeting between Apple and Goodell, as note in the tweets, occurred at the New York premiere of “Gleason,” a documentary about former New Orleans Saints player Steve Gleason, who was diagnosed with ALS in 2011.

When Apple received some blow back for being so complimentary to Goodell, she posted the following tweet calling out all the haters.

But what makes this story all the more compelling is that this isn’t even the first time Goodell has reached out to Apple.

Shortly after attending the 2016 NFL Draft, Apple bemoaned in a write-up for Sports Illustrated how there were a disappointing lack of sweet treats at the event. This prompted Goodell to send a tray of brownies to Apple in care of husband Tim, a former five-star chef.

“Just a head’s up to be on the look out for a delivery of brownies today,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy wrote in an email at the time. “The Commissioner was aware of Annie’s disappointment in the lack of desserts at the Draft in Chicago and wanted to make up for it.

“We’ve enjoyed reading and watching Annie as she becomes a media star. Hope you all have a good Mother’s Day Weekend.”

And now, Goodell is making a rare foray onto social media to react to Apple referring to him as “personable & hilarious.”

Crazy stuff.

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