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Rob Gronkowski trolls Julian Edelman over Tom Brady photoshop


Julian Edelman showcased his Photoshop skills earlier this week — or had someone else do some image editing — after he noticed that New England Patriots teammate Tom Brady and pal Justin Timberlake attended UFC 200 without him. Now it appears that fellow Patriots receiver Rob Gronkowski felt the need to troll Edelman over it.

Edelman photoshopped himself into a photograph of Brady and Timberlake — both regaled in Newsboy caps — in their seats at the weekend’s MMA showcase and even added said cap to his own head in the inserted image.

A comment from Gronkowski’s official Instagram account ruminated over how Edelman’s frequent Brady-centric antics have impacted on-field productivity, writing, “How many TD’s would I have if I **** Brady like you??”


Gronk’s trolling of Edelman presumably was in jest and not meant to be mean-spirited, but given comments Wes Welker recently made, it’s clear that there are some people out there who believe Edelman often tries too hard when it comes to attaching himself to Brady.

For what it’s worth, Gronkowski totaled 11 receiving touchdowns in 15 games while Edelman caught seven in nine games.

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