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Little girl gets leveled chasing down ball during Home Run Derby (vid)


Giancarlo Stanton may have emerged the big winner in Monday’s Home Run Derby at Petco Park due to the punishment he unleashed upon baseball’s in a truly impressive display of power.

But the most punishment levied upon anything during his home run-hitting showcase was when a much larger boy absolutely trucked a smaller girl while corralling one of the Miami Marlins slugger’s hits that came up short from going yard.

Sweet sassy molassey. A Zapruder film-life breakdown of that devastating scene would result in a similar “Back and to the left. Back and to the left” analysis.

That poor girl. Let’s hope she’s no worse for wear despite the ugly collision.

But what gives with the size of that boy that leveled her? Was he even supposed to be on the field with all those much more diminutive youngsters? The case can be made due to his burliness that he should have been competing in the event, not shagging flies during it in the outfield. Sheesh.