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Butthurt Julian Edelman inserts himself in Tom Brady-Justin Timberlake pic


Tom Brady and Justin Timberlake were among the many beautiful people in attendance at last weekend’s UFC 200. And the two pals, both regaled in Newsboy caps were caught schmoozing in their seats.

This apparently caused Julian Edelman, Brady’s New England Patriots teammate who also counts Timberlake as a friend, to become extremely butthurt, as evidenced by how he utilized Photoshop to insert himself into the scene.

To utilize a Timberlake song title, “Cry Me A River,” Edelman.

While Edelman should be commended for his Photoshop skills, the fact that his insistence in forcing himself in on an evening out by two of his pals sans his presence — albeit virtually — comes off as a bit desperate, in a “Single White Female” kind of way, especially given how he too is wearing a Newsboy cap in the photoshopped image.

Come on, Edelman, let Brady and Timberlake have some fun on their own. It probably wasn’t intended as a personal slight, dude.

Or maybe, just maybe, Edelman simply is cracking a joke about it. Actually, that’s totally what’s going on here.

On the other hand, it’s much more amusing to imagine Edelman being all out of sorts about it. He will not be ignored.

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