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Louis Murphy, trapped in museum, on 911 call: ‘I need to get out’


Louis Murphy is the unfortunate star of perhaps the most absurd story to emerge in this NFL offseason after he found himself locked inside a museum after falling asleep at a wedding. And now, details of a 911 call he made upon discovering himself in such a bizarre situation have been released.

TMZ has obtained audio of the call the inebriated, confused and trapped Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver made from a landline — his cell phone apparently had died during his unplanned snooze — after he awoke to discover he had been locked inside the Flagler Museum while celebrating a bit too hard during Deonte Thompson’s wedding in Palm Beach, Fla.

Murphy apparently was forced to break a window in an attempt to escape the museum, as he explains in his 911 call.

“I honestly don’t know where I’m at, but I’m at this wedding and I’m stuck in the building,” Murphy told the 911 operator, as transcribed by CBS Sports. “… I was part of a wedding … I’m like locked in the building. I cut my hand opening up one of the windows — my hand’s bleeding. …

“During the wedding, I went out to, like, the little garden and ended up falling asleep in the garden. And then I woke up and the doors were locked. So I basically kicked through one of the doors … my hand was bleeding and my phone died.”

An arrangement reportedly has been made between Murphy and the museum where he will foot the bill for the estimated $1,000 in damage caused by his breakout attempt.

The comically dire incident Murphy put himself in apparently left him with only one desire.

“I need to get out … I’m missing the party,” he told 911.