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Johnny Manziel Browns jersey can be had for $1.99 (pic)


To say that Johnny Manziel’s two-year stint as a member of the Cleveland Browns was an unmitigated, dumpster fire-level disaster would be a massive understatement.

The disappointing and sometimes troubling saga of Johnny Football’s failed NFL career — at least at this point, if not from here on — more than aptly explains why it really doesn’t come as much of a surprise that his No. 2 Browns jersey evidently can be had at least one location for $1.99.

The fact that these are replica Manziel jerseys, not authentic ones, really doesn’t help matters much. Yeah.

But hey, if you were ever in the market for a Manziel Browns jersey, for whatever arguably inconceivable reason, but unwilling to pay the outrageous prices of an officially licensed NFL jersey — replica or otherwise — well, today’s your lucky day. Cheers.

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