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Enes Kanter has great alternative to burning Kevin Durant jerseys (pic)

Oklahoma City Thunder fans are still reeling over the shocking departure of Kevin Durant. And as sports fans are wont to do when such a shocking exodus of a beloved player occurs, many Thunder backers have turned to burning their Durant jerseys as a means of protest.

But Thunder center Enes Kanter has offered up a much more practical alternative to needlessly ruining an otherwise perfectly fine NBA jersey — save for the name on the back of it — by suggesting fans make a few minor alterations to maintain its serviceability.

Instead of exhibiting one’s sense of betrayal and abandonment, Kanter thinks Thunder fans should simply use a bit of duct tape and a marker to transform Durant jerseys into a jersey to celebrate the arrival of Victor Oladipo, who is joining the team after a trade with the Orlando Magic.

What the makeshift Oladipo jersey may lack in style, it more than makes up for in substance. And Thunder fans don’t have to throw money down the drain to bemoan Durant joining the Golden State Warriors, either. A win-win, really.