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Chicago Tribune trolls Dwyane Wade with AARP headline (pic)


While the age of 34 is quite young in the grand scheme of things, being that age in the NBA makes a player much closer to the end of his career than the beginning. That much is indisputable.

With Dwyane Wade joining the Heat and obviously getting up there in years — from a pro basketball standpoint — the wisenheimer headline writers at the Chicago Tribune evidently thought it would be quite the hoot to crack wise about the advancing age of the newest Chicago Bull.

Oof. That’s cold-blooded. And it juxtaposes a stark contrast between how a local Chicago paper treated Wade’s arrival with how the Heat took out full-page ads in three Florida papers to say goodbye to the departing legend.

And it’s worth noting that according to AARP age restrictions, Wade technically would have to wait another 16 years to become a member of the organization, as one has to be 50 to gain admittance. So there, smart-aleck headline writers at the Chicago Tribune. Consarn it.