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Photo making Kobe Bryant look high with Snoop Dogg is altered (pic)


Snoop Dogg presented Kobe Bryant perhaps the best retirement gift ever courtesy of a customized, Los-Angeles Lakers-themed convertible. But the notion that he actually partook in some pot with the weed-loving rapper are completely bogus, so says one of Kobe’s representatives.

A photograph posted to Twitter by Snoop on Wednesday of he and Bryant hanging out, with the two amusingly rocking “Villain” and “Hero” hats, respectively.

And while Bryant’s eyes don’t seem compromised by any possible toking at all in the original photo, subsequent pics made it appear that the retired superstar isn’t too worried any longer about failing any NBA-mandated drug tests, as his eyes were noticeably red, as first reported by TMZ.

The enhanced photo in question has now been debunked as being Photoshopped.

“The picture is not real,” a Bryant rep told TMZ. “He wasn’t smoking!”

Well that about wraps it all up concerning the belief that Kobe and Snoop twisted one up, as it were. Or, in other words, the entire belief that Kobe may have toked up with Snoop has completely gone to pot.