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DeSean Jackson offended by omission from top 100 players list


DeSean Jackson became the latest NFL player to rail against the perceived slight of being left off a recent Top 100 players list.

The Washington Redskins wide receiver took to social media to blast the shortsightedness of his omission from the list, which came from the results of player polling and were released recently by NFL Network.

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Jackson writes on Instagram: “They still count me out ‘ what they thought I ain’t Still 0ne of the SiCcest Wideouts In Tha Game ?? Jus watch & See They ain’t Neva Love A Real 0ne anyway My Family taken Care of 4 life & Ima continue 2 ball on they Ass.”

The polling process definitely doesn’t work in the favor of players like Jackson, who had injuries mar their 2015 campaigns. Jackson appeared in only ten games for the Redskins, making 30 receptions for 528 yards and four touchdowns.For the poll, players are asked to come up with their top 20 players effectively on the fly, meaning players who performed best in the previous season are the first ones to come off the top of the heads of the players polled. Since Jackson didn’t have a standout campaign, regardless of the reasons, he probably wasn’t one of the first — or even 20th — player to come to mind.

At least Jackson can take some solace in how he cracked the list at No. 50 ahead of last season. It’s something.

But that doesn’t mean Jackson is alone in having hurt feelings over the perceived slight of being left off the list. Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith similarly took to social media to express his displeasure.

NFL wide receivers. Such divas, right?

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