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Doug McDermott willingly gives Dwyane Wade Bulls’ No. 3 jersey (pic)


Chicago Bulls forward Doug McDermott knew the writing was on the wall as soon as he heard that Dwyane Wade was joining the team:

He is about to lose his jersey number.

As is often the case, when news surfaces that a highly touted and established player is about to join a new team, a secondary discussion occurs whenever the new player has worn a certain jersey number for most or all of their career, one that already is being used by a player already on said team.

Given that Wade has worn No. 3 his entire 13-year NBA career, with the Miami Heat McDermott —  current owner of the No. 3 jersey on the Bulls — recognized quickly he would be picking out a new number soon enough.

Almost immediately after Wade announced to the world that he would be joining his hometown Bulls, McDermott reacted to a tweet in which it was opined if he would give up the number without at least some pushback.

It is often the case that some kind of financial arrangement is reached between the players before a change of jersey number ownership is made.

But McDermott apparently isn’t interested in getting into some kind of negotiation with Wade over the number, as he later took to Instagram and offered up the No. 3 jersey for free.

A photo posted by Doug McDermott (@dougmcd03) on

“Deadstock. It’s all yours D Wade,” McDermott wrote on Instagram featuring an image of his No. 3 jersey, before adding the hashtag #welcome.

Perhaps Wade will still offer something in exchange for the No. 3 jersey despite McDermott’s generosity. He will be signing a two-year, $47.5 million deal with the Bulls soon enough, after all. A token of gratitude — financial or otherwise — of some sort arguably is merited.

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