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‘No urination was involved’ after player threatens to pee at Wimbledon


Pablo Cuevas threatened to urinate right on the court at Wimbledon after the chair umpire denied his request for a bathroom break after he and his doubles partner already used their allotted two.

During the fifth set of a doubles match between Cuevas and partner Marcel Granollers against Jonny Marray and Adil Shamasdin — a fourth-round match-up that already had lasted four hours — Cuevas was rebuffed on his request for an additional bathroom break by umpire Aurelie Tourte.

This prompted Cuevas to reportedly threaten to relieve himself into a ball can on the court, with an eyewitness claiming he did in fact complete the act behind a towel.

Wimbledon officials, however, insisted on Monday night that “no urination was involved.”

Cuevas and Granollers delayed the match for over 10 minutes after the bathroom break was denied. They were also given a code violation and docked a point for unsportsmanlike conduct before losing to Marray and Shamasdin 6-3, 4-6, 6-4, 3-6, 14-12.

Via a report from The Guardian:

The match ended in controversy, too, when Cuevas and Granollers staged a sit-down protest at 12-13, 0-40, facing three match points, after they were docked a point for a second code violation for slamming a ball out of the court. After a wait of well over five minutes the pair agreed to resume only after consulting the supervisor and promptly dropped serve and lost the match. Granollers then harangued the umpire, thrusting a ball-can in her direction, and she was accompanied off the court by a security guard.

“He got a code violation [at around 9-8] for unsportsmanlike conduct,” Shamasdin said. “It was during a changeover and I guess it was something to do with a can or something, I really don’t know. I think it has something to do even with bathroom breaks, I’m not really sure.”

“I actually had to go to the bathroom at that point, because we were waiting,” he added.

Marray actually came to their opponents’ defense.

“I think you should be allowed an extra toilet break if it goes to five sets,” he said. “Are you supposed to go before your own service game? I don’t know what the actual rule is. I think you should be allowed to go to the toilet. It’s deep in the fifth set. I went a couple of times.

“I don’t think the chair umpire really had the match controlled. I don’t think she handled it correctly, either, even at the end.”

A wicked pisser, indeed.

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