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Tom Brady celebrates July 4th with patriotic photoshop (pic)


Tom Brady is of course course one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history, but the case can be made — as he arguably has proven time and time again — that his social media game might be just as strong.

Case in point: To commemorate the Fourth of July holiday, the New England Patriots signal-caller — as he is wont to do from time to timetook to Facebook and posted an absolutely fantastic photoshop where two bald eagles pose regally while perched upon his outstretched arms.

Yes, Tom Brady, only haters are gonna say your pic is photoshopped … as well as anyone with half a brain.

Still, a well-earned kudos for the uber-patriotic testament to our Independence Day, even if it’s more likely that one of Brady’s underlings is responsible for the photoshop wizardry.

In other words, America … f— yeah.