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Sean Avery hassles homeless people, posts it on Snapchat (vid)

Sean Avery was known as a pesky, trash-talking menace during his playing days in the NHL, and it appears his sometimes-unbecoming and off-putting conduct on the ice — not to mention off of it — has continued on in his retirement.

The former New York Rangers star has taken to posting videos on Snapchat in which he harasses homeless people.

The standard encounter Avery has with homeless people in the videos involves him asking them the time.

“Yo brother, you got the time bro?” Avery says in one video.

A Page Six report notes that Avery’s callous treatment of the homeless goes all way back to 2013, as apparently evidenced by a video he posted to Instagram in which he tells a homeless person to get a job.

In another video, Avery justifies his behavior, albeit in a sarcastic, snarky way.

“I just want everyone to know, when I’m violently mean towards people on Snapchat, I always turn around and say ‘I’m sorry.’ ” before later adding, “Bulls - - t. That’s a disclaimer for Snapchat.”

Avery not surprisingly has received quite a bit of grief over his conduct and took to Twitter to dispute the notion he’s harassing homeless people by laying out the definition of harassment.

When asked about his antics by Page Six, Avery provided the following response.

“No comment, but if you tell me what street corner [Post columnist] Richard Johnson sleeps on, I will go wake him up,” he said. “Congrats to you for the powerful reporting you are doing. Continued success.”