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Texans photoshop nude Vince Wilfork silhouette on NFL shield (pic)


Vince Wilfork has landed one of the coveted cover spots on this year’s annual edition of ESPN The Magazine’s Body Issue, and the Houston Texans had some fun with his coverboy status courtesy of some photoshop shenanigans.

The team created a silhouette of Wilfork and placed it upon the NFL shield.

In a word, brilliant. And a fitting tribute to the burly, 315-pound-plus nose tackle, who said he agreed to appear in the Body Issue to serve as an inspiration to people who share a nontraditional body style.

Kudos to Wilfork and kudos to the Texans for having some fun with his in-the-buff appearance. Although it bears mentioning that Wilfork isn’t above having some fun with it, too.

[H/T For the Win]