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Johnny Manziel says he’s going completely sober on July 1


Johnny Manziel currently is on vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and an image posted by an individual sharing the lavish mansion where he’s staying has prompted him to proclaim he’s planning to go sober in the coming days.

The below image, posted by a woman supposedly staying with Manziel — along with approximately 20 other people, per a TMZ report — appears to showcase numerous bags that appear to contain some kind of drug.


While the woman who posted the image doesn’t explicitly name Manziel, nor does she identify anyone else, it’s caused enough people to infer that Manziel is somehow tangentially involved that he’s come out to deny any responsibility or connection to whatever is contained in the baggies.

“They’re absolutely not mine,” Manziel told TMZ Sports. “I don’t even know that girl.”

All this comes on the heels of Manziel seemingly responding to some critical comments made by his concerned father recently with an outright taunt on social media.

In his comments to TMZ, Manziel also stated he’s not drinking or using any illicit drugs during his vacation in Mexico and that he’s planning to go completely sober on July 1. Not only that, Manziel also stated he intends to start training hard and eating healthy.

Whether or not Manziel actually follows through on his plan of sobriety obviously remains to be seen. But if he does in fact make a go at cleaning up his life — at least to that extent — it certainly would be an encouraging development in what has been a disturbing and lengthy downward spiral for the former NFL quarterback.