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Tony Hawk, 48, lands 900 on anniversary of first time he nailed one (vid)


Tony Hawk is without question the most revered, successful and influential skateboarder in history. And even at the ripe “old” age of 48, the icon continues to dazzle with his unparalleled skills.

Hawk took to social media to showcase how he managed to nail a 900 — a two-and-a-half aerial spin — on the 17th anniversary of the first time he stuck the revolutionary trick.

It took a few tries but Hawk finally landed the 900, albeit with less fanfare than the first time he nailed it, which occurred at the 1999 Summer X Games.

It’s awesome that he finally landed it, but man oh man, it sure looked like it hurt something fierce on the times he bit it. Ouch.

“A lot has happened since then in my life; I mean it’s been the craziest roller coaster ride and it really was the apex of my competitive career and so I’m gonna shine under today,” he said of the attempts, via The Los Angeles Times. “Because I feel like I can.

“I’m still going and keep going until the wheels fall off I guess.”

Perhaps coolest of all is how Hawk’s son Spencer was on-hand for the first time he nailed the 900 and how he did it again at the age of 48 on Monday.

“Spencer was there for my first one, now he was at my last,” he said.

Rad. I’m just relieved we didn’t see Hawk’s board go all “owwuda owwuda sheglank” too much.

As a person who grew up watching Powell-Peralta “Bones Brigade” videos who also fancied himself something of a thrasher, to think that Tony Hawk is 48 freaking years old is a somewhat sobering thought.