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Nick Young breaks into song over split with Iggy Azalea (vid)


If there’s one thing that can be gleaned about Nick Young amidst the fallout from his split with Iggy Azalea that’s abundantly clear, it’s that the breakup won’t stop him from seeking out attention.

Young emerged in the public for the first time Thursday since Azalea unceremoniously dumped him Sunday in a demonstrative affair — allegedly spawned by Swaggy P’s infidelity amid the fallout from Los Angeles Lakers teammate D’Angelo Russell’s prank — and not surprisingly he was all smiles in photos taken of him.

It’s hardly a surprising development given this is how he reacted to Azalea announcing their breakup:

But things got progressively weirder on Thursday, as Young took to Instagram to post a video of himself singing a rendition of Chris Brown’s “Redemption.”

A video posted by Nick Young (@swaggyp1) on

Being Chris Brown track and lyrics aren’t in my wheelhouse, here’s the New York Daily News’ explanation of the video’s “significance” while using that word in the loosest way possible:

“Searching for these words to say to you,” he dramatically sang repeatedly while walking around a hotel room.

At the end of random clip, he appears to yell “bring her back!” as he lays on the floor.

There you have it. All that’s left to do is wait on either Young or Azalea to make their next attention-seeking move. Buckle up. Or something.

In the end, though, the entire Young-Azalea breakup saga is absurdist drama, a perfect representation of the ridiculousness of our social media-driven, celebrity-obsessed culture.

But then again, we can’t look away. Especially when Swaggy P starts singing.