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John Elway on Von Miller cropping him out of photo: ‘That’s too bad’


If John Elway was bothered over how Von Miller cropped him out of a photo from the Denver Broncos’ recent White House visit he isn’t about to reveal it.

The Broncos executive vice president of football operations and general manager was enjoying an evening out in L.A. when a TMZ staffer managed to sneak in a question about Miller’s Instagram slight as Elway climbed into an SUV.

“You know what? That’s too bad,” Elway said, his response seemingly dripping with sarcasm.

The entire kerfuffle began when DeMarcus Ware shared a photo on Instagram of himself, Gary Kubiak, Von Miller, Peyton Manning, and John Elway from the Broncos’ D.C. visit to celebrate their Super Bowl championship.

Shortly thereafter, Miller took to Instagram to share the photo as well, only his version didn’t include Elway (see here).

Miller and the Broncos of course are in the midst of a protracted and increasingly contentious stalemate over a long-term deal.

The MVP linebacker repeatedly has preached positivity about the likelihood of hammering out a deal with the Broncos after the team slapped with the franchise tag, which would pay him approximately $14.1 million in the 2016 NFL season.

But with each passing day, the situation becomes more and more dire, especially given that a July 15 deadline – when a player on a franchise tag either has to sign the tender or long-term deal — gets closer and closer.

Miller said last week that there’s “no chance” he’ll play in 2016 under the franchise tag. Earlier this week, Von added earlier this week that as far as working things out with the Broncos are concerned, it’s “just a time for waiting right now.”

Between Miller’s cropping out Elway from the D.C. photo and the Broncos boss’ sarcastic response to the perceived slight, it’s clear that the two parties aren’t seeing eye to eye on many things, to say the least.