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Cavs fan eats horse poop at parade because … um, party? (vid)


An intrepid Cleveland Cavaliers fan in the right — or wrong — place at the right — or wrong — time on Wednesday captured a fellow reveler at the team’s NBA championship victory parade picking up pieces of horse dung and eating it … not once, but twice.

Because, um, well, what else is a person to do to celebrate a city winning its first major sports championship in 52 years? By just celebrating as a normal, non-horse feces-eating person would do?

Whatever, man.

The video, recorded by Brandon Duber, shows said poop-eater sauntering up to a pile of horse manure — presumably left behind by one of the many Cleveland Police Department horses on-site during the parade — scooping it up and shoving it into his mouth.

To make matters even worse — somehow that is possible in this depraved incident — he goes back for seconds, picking up a bit more poo, which he flings up into the air and catches it in his mouth, much to the horror of everyone around him … and now anyone watching it on the Internet.

Uh, gross.

But hey, the Cavaliers won an NBA title, right? If there’s ever a time to eat horse poop, it’s gotta be after breaking a half-century title drought. Duh.

I mean, who gives a crap, am I right?