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Tony Romo: Packers really aren’t the Packers without Brett Favre


Tony Romo grew up in the heart of Green Bay Packers country in Burlington, Wisc., so it’s no surprise that he grew up idolizing Brett Favre. But could the comments the Dallas Cowboys signal-caller recently made in which he says “the Green Bay Packers really aren’t the Green Bay Packers” without Favre possibly a potshot at Aaron Rodgers?

Most likely not, given he does praise Rodgers during his fawning over Favre. But his effusive praise of Favre certainly illustrates just how much of an impact the NFL icon had on him not only as a quarterback but as a kid growing up in Wisconsin during Favre’s heyday.

“Without Brett Favre, the Green Bay Packers really aren’t the Green Bay Packers, even though they have a great history and [Vince] Lombardi and everything else that goes into it,” Romo said Wednesday at his football camp, via ESPN. “I was watching football before they had Brett Favre and Green Bay was not someone that you had to worry about on your schedule if you were playing in the NFL. I think he brought them back to prominence and made that organization’s standard of excellence and from there all the pieces started to fall into place. What you see today, that is a byproduct of him, his talent, his ability, his knowledge of the game, his passion, his work ethic and really his willingness to compete.”

Romo went on to call Favre a “once in a generation” player because of the tremendous impact he had upon Green Bay and life in Wisconsin. He then covered himself by praising Rodgers.

“Green Bay’s been lucky enough to go from Brett to Aaron [Rodgers] and that’s just unrealistic in real life to have that happen in professional sports,” he said.

But when it comes right down to it, it’s clear that in the pantheon of Packers greats, Rodgers still stands a step below the Ol’ Gunslinger.

“I still look up to him,” Romo said of Favre.