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Tiger Woods doubles-down on ‘frustrating’ Dustin Johnson fiasco


Tiger Woods on Wednesday continued to weigh in on how Dustin Johnson’s bid for his first major was nearly derailed by the “frustrating” manner which the USGA mishandled the possibility of assessing the golfer a penalty stroke during his final round of the U.S. Open.

Woods first joined the chorus of fellow irate pro golfers, including Rory McIlroy, Jordan Spieth and Rickie Fowler, on Sunday, taking to Twitter to bemoan how the USGA informed Johnson he may or may not be assessed a penalty stroke on the 12th hole, seven holes after Johnson alerted an official that his ball moved as he was lining up to putt.

On Wednesday at his own Quicken Loans Tournament — where of course he will not be playing — Woods spoke at length about the entire fiasco and continued to rip the USGA for what he sees as a complete bungling of the entire affair.

“I watched,” said Woods, as transcribed by CBS Sports’ Kyle Porter. “It was awful because no one knew what was going on. D.J. didn’t know how he stood. The rest of the guys ahead of him didn’t understand what was going on. No one had a clue. Am I tied for the lead or am I leading the tournament? Am I one back or am I tied? No one understood where they stood in the tournament so that determines what you’re going to do.”

Woods contends that the USGA’s insistence on reviewing the incident in question “wasn’t a matter of integrity,” instead suggesting it “was a matter of getting the ruling right.” Woods believes that once the rules official on site made the decision should have ended it then and there.

Perhaps the most interesting — and amusing — aspect of what Woods had to say was when he discussed how he would have handled things.

“It was frustrating to watch how it was handled,” he said. “That championship being our national title and the history behind it, it deserved a better handling of the situation. I’m a little bit feistier than Dustin so I think I would have said a few more things during the round.”

Indeed, Tiger Woods. Indeed.